Yo, are you a Philly Freelancer?

Then you already know the truth that your traditionally employed friends don't understand.

Good Work, Good Pay, Good People

Sure, it's great to be able to choose your own clients and projects. But it's not enough to be good at your skill and services you ALSO have to get good at marketing and sales and communication and finances and legal stuff and...it's a lot!

Freelancing isn't easy, and nobody succeeds alone.

These days, COVID-19 has made it even harder to find fellow freelancers and clients with whom you can connect, collaborate, and grow.

So our hope is that by bringing this diverse community of freelancers together, we can not only survive in these very unusual and uncertain times, but actually thrive.

Earlier this year, we introduced the Philly Freelance Fest, a unique networking and education experience which succeeded in uniting nearly 200 regional freelancers and clients from across 15+ categories.

"I was surprised at how beneficial it was for me to skip the workshops and network instead. I ended up building a much deeper connection to other freelancers and clients." - Lindsay P.

While we still plan to bring this event back once it's safe to do so, there's a lot we can do to continue supporting the freelance ecosystem in Philly. So we're not stopping now.

Our north star for this community hasn't changed, even if some of the details about how we come together have.

We hope you'll join us.

"It feels like there are 230240230 webinars being promoted right now and I'm a bit burned out.

But I was not disappointed by the Philly Freelance event I attended! It felt like actionable hope during a very weird and anxiety-inducing time."

Andrea PretorianAndrea Pretorian

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Coming Spring 2020 Philly Freelance Membership

The immediate future is still unfolding for many of us day by day, so we're taking deliberate steps to support freelancers in ways that are relevant today.

This spring, we've introduced a new series of FREE online experiences.

In the coming weeks, we are adding a Philly Freelance Membership that includes an unlimited pass to ongoing online events, digital community tools for meeting and connecting, and a brand new opportunity switchboard to help you connect with companies still hiring freelancers.

Wanna get in when we launch? Drop your name and email in the box below.

We'll be in touch very soon with opportunities to register for FREE events.

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Our Team and Collaborators

The Team and Community at Indy Hall
Philly’s first coworking community, founded in 2006, Indy Hall is a welcoming and supportive community that includes freelancers, independents, and solo-entrepreneurs.

Catherine Sontag
Catherine is the creative mind behind many popular Philly events. In addition to leading production for the Philly Freelance Fest, she's a newly minted freelancer herself!

The 10k Independents Project

The Philly Freelance Fest, Educational Events, Online Community, Opportunity Switchboard, and Ecosystem Guide are all a part of the 10k Independents Project.

This a citywide effort is meant to inspire and support 10,000 people in the Philadelphia region build sustainable independent careers by 2029.

If you or your organization would like to share this goal, please reach out to alex@indyhall.org